Holstein is the most prevalent dairy breed in the U.S. The first Holstein arrived in the U.S. from the Netherlands in 1852. Holsteins, or Holstein-Friesians, are known for their high milk production and larger frame. With high yields, the Holstein quickly gained popularity and currently makes up over 80% of the US dairy population. 

Holstein Association USA represents the U.S. Holstein breeders.

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National Production Averages

The average annual milk production for U.S. Holstein cows is well-documented by NDHIA through milk recording.

Genetic Conditions

Because Holsteins are more populous than other breeds, it is easier to identify genetic conditions in the Holstein breed. There is a range of genetic conditions and six lethal haplotypes that have been identified in Holstein.

Genomic Testing

Holstein Association USA offers a wide array of genomic testing options.

Total Merit Index: TPITM

Holstein Association USA developed a genetic selection index that is well-known worldwide: TPITM, or Total Performance IndexTM. These traits are part of the TPI calculation:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Type
  • Udder Composite
  • Feet & Legs Composite
  • Productive Life
  • Health Trait Index
  • Cow Livability
  • Somatic Cell Score
  • Fertility Index
  • Daughter Calving Ease
  • Daughter Stillbirth