National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB)

What is NAAB?

NAAB is a non-profit trade association serving the U.S. dairy and beef artificial insemination industry. NAAB provides services that promote and support U.S. genetics and A.I. on a global scale. NAAB works in areas where unified industry action is more effective than individual positions. NAAB represents the collective interests of all U.S. A.I. rather than interests of an individual company – therefore serving as a neutral information source.

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What does NAAB do?

  • Represents the U.S. A.I. industry position on various national and global issues
  • Addresses trade barriers, health topics and other challenges faced by U.S. A.I.
  • Manages the cross-reference databases on bulls for A.I. through unique NAAB identification
  • Collects and reports industry statistics on semen sales
  • Assures U.S. produced semen meets high health and quality standards through CSS 
  • Provides educational material on U.S. dairy genetics and A.I.

Membership Requirements and Benefits

NAAB members are A.I. organizations, customer collection centers and/or semen marketing companies that meet the membership requirements. Qualifying organizations realize benefits as Regular or Associate members. 


Organizations may apply to be a NAAB Regular member if they meet these requirements updated in 2019:

Organizations that do not meet these requirements may become an Associate member.


Main benefits of membership include:

Dairy Cross Reference Database

NAAB maintains identification information for the marketing of bulls with their U.S. genetic evaluations.

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Certified Semen Services

CSS, a subsidiary of NAAB, sets standards for semen processing and monitors collection facilities.

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