How to Request a Genetic Evaluation

Several steps are required to obtain a U.S. genetic or genomic evaluation on a dairy animal. Subsequently, several guidelines apply to animals that are marketed using the U.S. genetic values.

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For Males

A systematic process guides the genotyping, receipt of genetic evaluations, and marketing of bulls on their U.S. evaluations.

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For Females

Heifer and cow owners can receive genomic results through Genomic Nominators, like A.I. companies, breed associations and genotyping labs.

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Genomic Nomination and Genotyping

Genomic data flow starts when the animal owner decides to genotype an animal – male or female. A CDCB-certified Genomic Nominator collects initial information, like pedigree, and sends it to CDCB. This starts the process called Nomination. The nominator will also manage the transfer of biological DNA samples to a CDCB-certified genotyping lab. 

CDCB receives nomination information from the nominators and raw genomic data from genotyping laboratories. After the data is processed, CDCB shares quality reports with the nominators and labs. Genomic evaluations are returned to the nominator.