Bulls for A.I.

The U.S. has been a leading producer of frozen bovine semen since artificial insemination (A.I.) took off in the 1950’s. Frozen semen is currently available from over 5,000 dairy bulls with U.S. breeding values, ensuring there are genetic choices for all selection criteria, climate and production systems.

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U.S. Frozen Semen

The U.S. A.I. industry is different from many other nations, as the U.S. A.I. industry is largely self-regulated. The trade group responsible for monitoring the health testing of donor bulls of U.S. frozen semen for export is Certified Semen Services (CSS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAAB. Through collaboration, CCS and the U.S. A.I. industry have developed an intricate, unique system of quality assurance protocols and coding structures. This ensures U.S. frozen semen is safe, healthy, fertile and of the highest genetic quality for dairy herd improvement worldwide.

U.S. A.I. Statistics


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National Association of Animal Breeders

NAAB is a trade association that represents the U.S. artificial insemination industry.

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U.S. Artificial Insemination Providers

The U.S. is home to numerous A.I. providers and semen collection centers.

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Read U.S. Semen Straws

U.S. semen straws contain specific codes for identification and traceability.

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Bull Search

Several search engines provide bull information and enable dairy producers to find bulls meeting their criteria. The bull searches from A.I. companies provide data for all their available bulls and bulls owned by other companies. 

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