Milking Shorthorn

Known as one of the oldest recognized cattle breeds, the first Shorthorn arrived in the USA in 1783. Originally a dual-purpose breed, the Milking Shorthorn was established in 1912 and officially recognized a dairy breed in 1969. The Milking Shorthorn is known for their deep red or roan haircoat, easy nature, durability and longevity.

Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin State Farmer

American Milking Shorthorn Society represents the breed in the U.S.

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National Production Averages

The average annual milk production for U.S. Milking Shorthorn cows is well-documented by NDHIA through milk recording.

Genetic Conditions

Tibia Hemimelia (TH) is an undesirable genetic recessive in the Milking Shorthorn.

Genomic Testing

Although there is no official U.S. genomic evaluation for Milking Shorthorn at present, genomic tests can be ordered through the American Milking Shorthorn Society. Genotyping will help develop the reference population.

Total Merit Index: NM$

Milking Shorthorn does not have a customized total merit index. Animals are ranked on the national index by CDCB, Lifetime Net Merit $.