Dairy Cross Reference Database

What is the Dairy Cross Reference Database?

The NAAB Dairy Cross Reference (DCR) database maintains identification information on dairy bulls that have been assigned NAAB Uniform Codes. This links registration number, registered name or short name to the NAAB Uniform Code for accuracy of breeding records and animal identification. This information is available to A.I. stakeholders for sire identification and it is critical for genetic evaluations to recognize sires used for A.I. and to link daughter information to A.I. sires.

For A.I. bulls to be marketed with their U.S. genetic evaluations – marketed either in the U.S. or abroad – they must be enrolled in the DCR database, be allocated an NAAB code and bull status code, and have paid the fees to receive updated genomic evaluations.

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Why do I need to enroll my bull?

All A.I. bulls that have an allocated NAAB code must be enrolled in the NAAB Dairy Cross Reference database (DCR). This is a mandatory requirement that follows from using the NAAB Uniform code.

It is vitally important to enroll sires in the NAAB Cross Reference database to receive the latest evaluations and report the NAAB codes you assign to the bulls you own, lease or market. If bulls are not enrolled, semen straws cannot be traced to the collection center and progeny performance information will not link to the correct bull for genetic evaluations.

How to Enroll a Bull

There are 5 steps to enroll a bull in the NAAB Cross Reference database.

Owners of a bull not collected or marketed by a current Cross Reference participant must sign up as a participant.

Application Form

Upon approval, applicants receive a unique 4-digit controller number. The Controller number links the bull to the organization authorized to receive data and responsible to maintain bull updates in the DCR database.

The Marketing Code identifies a qualifying semen marketing business or organization that has the contractual right to market semen from a bull using its NAAB Uniform Code. The Marketing Code is unique to each organization and is shown as the first 3 digits of a bull’s NAAB code on semen straws.

If a marketing organization or custom collection center enrolls the bull on behalf of its owner, the organization can use their marketing code, or bull owners can apply for a separate marketing code. 

Organizations with semen collection facilities must apply for a Stud Code after which they can apply for a Marketing Code.

DCR participants will receive login details to an online portal to enter bull(s) in the database. Animal information provided to NAAB includes breed, bull name and date of birth – as well as first semen release date (if the bull has already produced semen). Participants are responsible for allocating the appropriate NAAB Uniform Code to individual bulls, and these codes must be known when the bull is enrolled. Participants also designate a bull Status Code, which has important consequences.

To receive a U.S. genomic evaluation, the bull must be nominated (by a Genomic Nominator) and the genotype must be submitted to CDCB before the deadline for the next evaluation. To receive a traditional evaluation, the bull must have the correct status code (not G) and pedigree information must be provided.

Bull Status Codes are linked to the national genetic evaluation system and bull ranking lists published by various organizations – making it vital that Status Codes for bulls are accurate.

Status Codes on Bulls

Active/InactiveDescriptionStatusStatus explanationSubject to NAAB status feesSubject to CDCB AI service feesPublished on industry lists
ActiveSemen is actively marketedAProven bull with daughters in the USAXXX
FProven bull with daughters abroad, <0% in the US XXX
GGenomic bull with no daughtersXXX
Semen is available but not marketedPBull is not on industry listsX
InactiveSemen is not available anymoreI(I)nactive bull, collection and semen sales have ceased
Semen is not collected yetCYoung bull, semen is not (c)ollected yet
Semen was never collectedNBull is for (n)atural mating, not AI

Costs to Enroll a Bull in DCR Database

These fees are charged by National Association of Animal Breeders.

ServiceApplication FeeAnnual feeWhen applied
DCR participant application$25-One-time fee at start of agreement
Allocation of a stud code$500 per code$100 per codeApplication fee due at time of application. Annual fees invoiced at the start of the calendar year.
Allocation of a marketing code$500 per code$100 per codeApplication fee due at time of application. Annual fees invoiced at the start of the calendar year.
New NAAB coded added to the database$5 per code-One-time fee after adding new code for each individual bull
Active bull status (A,F,G)$15 per bull-After each tri-annual genetic evaluation