Genomic Selection 101

Genomic selection has revolutionized animal breeding worldwide because it allows breeders to make accurate selection decisions at a much earlier age, even before the actual performance of the animal or its offspring can be been measured.

Genetic change is driven by four factors

Accuracy of selection = Precision with which genetic merit is estimated
Genomic evaluations are considerably more reliable than Parent Average

Selection Intensity = Level of superiority of parents of the next generation
More males and females can be screened efficiently through genotyping to identify elite animals

Genetic Variation = Relative differences among animal as controlled by genetic factors

Generation Interval = Average age of parents when their offspring are born
Genomic-tested young sires are available for A.I. at 1 year of age vs. 4 to 5 for progeny-tested bulls

Genomic Benefits

Genomic testing and selection provides these benefits for dairy producers worldwide.