To request and receive a U.S. genetic evaluation on a dairy heifer or cow, four key steps must be followed. The first traditional or genomic evaluation is requested at the CDCB through a breed association, DHIA or a genomic nominator.
When genomic evaluations are being used in commercial herds for herd management decisions, a genomic evaluation is commonly requested through genomic tests offered by various A.I. companies, breed associations and genotype labs.

Request and Receive a U.S. Genetic Evaluation for a Female

1. Registration

Get your cow or heifer into the system.

This can be done by registration at a breed association, by recording through DHIA or by purchasing a genomic test and nominating the animal for a genomic evaluation.

2. Nomination

To receive a genomic evaluation, the animal must be nominated by a CDCB-certified nominator who will submit the necessary data. If you have purchased a genomic test, this is part of the service provided through the test.

3. Genotyping

Get your cow or heifer genotyped.

The animal must be genotyped at a CDCB-certified laboratory, which submits the genotype to CDCB under the nominator’s name. If you purchased a genomic test, this is part of the service provided. This must be done before the submission deadline for the next genomic evaluation.

4. Check Out

Make sure all fees are paid.

The CDCB fees are structured to reward producers that provide more data. Initial fees are collected by the genomic nominator. If you purchased a genomic test, these costs will be either included in the produce price or invoiced separately.

Nominations and Genotyping

Genomic data flow starts at the farm when the producer decides to genotype heifers or cows. A CDCB-certified Genomic Nominator collects animal information and nominates the animal to be tested and receive a CDCB evaluation. The nominator will also faciliate the transfer of biological DNA samples to a CDCB-certified genotyping lab. 

When a producer purchases a genomic test from a nominator, this includes nomination and genotyping. CDCB genomic evaluations are returned to the producer by the nominator, often combined with genetic consulting.  

Genomic tests are offered by a variety of A.I. companies, breed associations and genotyping labs. While each product offers the national CDCB traits, some providers offer additional results like proprietary traits, genetic conditions or management applications. 

Fees for Genomic Evaluations

CDCB genomic fees reward producers that provide the most data or information of the greatest value to the CDCB national cooperator database. The CDCB Fee Schedule encourages contributors to increase the data they provide to the system, as that enhances accuracy of the genetic evaluations. 

All required Initial Fees are collected by the Genomic Nominator and are usually included in the price of the commercial genomic test. 

CDCB Evaluation Schedule

All pedigree and genotype data must be submitted to the CDCB in a timely manner, to receive the evaluation at the earliest opportunity. The CDCB Genetic Evaluation Schedule indicates evaluations release dates and data submission deadlines.

More information on weekly versus monthly CDCB evaluations can be found here CDCB Evaluation Types

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