There are several steps to request and receive a U.S. genetic evaluation on a bull. The CDCB publishes a traditional or genomic evaluation based on requests made by a breed association or genomic nominator. When the bull is subsequently selected for artificial insemination and marketed using the U.S. genetic values, the bull must be enrolled in the NAAB database to receive updated evaluations.

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Receive a U.S. Genetic Evaluation

1. Nomination & Registration

Get your bull into the system

To receive a genomic evaluation on a bull, the bull must be nominated by a CDCB-certified nominator who will submit the necessary data. Bulls nominated through the breed association can also obtain herd book registration. For bulls to be used in A.I., is it also necessary to enroll in the NAAB dairy cross reference database (see below).

To receive a traditional (non-genomic) U.S. evaluation on a bull, there are three options. Register the bull through U.S. breed association. Enroll A.I. bulls in NAAB Dairy Cross Reference database. Or receive MACE evaluations by Interbull.

2. Genotyping

Get your bull genotyped.

The bull must be genotyped at a CDCB-certified laboratory, which submits the genotype to CDCB under the nominator’s name. This must be done before the submission deadline for the next genomic evaluation.

3. Check Out

Make sure all fees are paid.

The CDCB fees are structured to reward producers that provide more data. Initial fees are collected by the genomic nominator. The fees will be charged only for the first genotype submitted for the genomic evaluation.

3 Extra Steps For Bulls Used for A.I.

4. Enroll

Enroll the A.I. Bull at NAAB

When marketing a bull by his U.S. values, the bull must be enrolled in the NAAB dairy cross reference database and provided an NAAB Uniform Code.

5. Update Status

Update the status on your bull.

To make sure he will continue to receive updated genetic evaluations, the bull must have the appropriate bull status in the dairy cross reference database.

6. Check Out

Make sure all fees are paid.

An A.I. bull that is marketed on U.S. genomic values is subject to CDCB and NAAB fees. Ensure all fees are paid to receive updated evaluations.

Nominations and Genotyping

Genomic data flow starts when the animal owner decides to genotype the bull. A CDCB-certified Genomic Nominator collects initial information, like pedigree, and sends it to CDCB. This starts the process called Nomination. The nominator will also facilitate the transfer of biological DNA samples to a CDCB-certified genotyping lab. 

CDCB receives nomination information from the nominators and raw genomic data from genotyping laboratories. After the data is processed, CDCB shares quality reports with both nominators and labs. Genomic results are returned to the nominator who returns it to the bull owner – unless it is a bull for A.I. Results for A.I. bulls are shared only during triannual genetic evaluation in April, August and December. 

Fees for Genomic Evaluations

CDCB genomic fees reward producers that provide the most data or information of the greatest value to the CDCB national cooperator database. The CDCB Fee Schedule encourages contributors to increase the data they provide to the system, as that enhances accuracy of the genetic evaluations. 

All required Initial Fees are collected by the Genomic Nominator, and the A.I. Service Fee is collected by NAAB. All fees are then forwarded to CDCB. Initial male fees are charged only for the animal’s first genotype submitted for genomic evaluation. There is no refund of fees, unless errors occur at CDCB. The fees apply, even if the genomic test results do not work to the submitter’s satisfaction or when a male is not placed into service. 

Fees and Rules for Genetic Evaluations on Foreign Bulls

Foreign bulls are subject to different rules when requesting a US genomic evaluation. According to the CDCB Fee Schedule, foreign bulls may receive US genomic evaluations for the initial nomination fee of $200 until the age of 16 months. These values are for selection purposes only and the values may not be published or used for marketing purposes.

To continue to receive genomic evaluations, foreign bulls older than 16 months must be enrolled at NAAB with an active AI status code (A,F,G or P), and the AI service fee must be paid. When these conditions are met, official genomic evaluations are calculated. These values can be published, bulls may be marketed and the bulls will appear on industry lists.

Foreign bulls are only not defined by the country code in their ID. Instead, it is the controller or owner/marketer of the bull that determines whether bulls are considered foreign or not. All bulls owned by an international entity are defined as foreign, regardless of their country ID. Bulls owned by US entities are considered foreign when the country code in their ID is not USA or 840.

CDCB Evaluations Schedule

All pedigree and genotype data must be submitted to the CDCB in a timely manner, to receive the evaluation at the earliest opportunity. Preliminary evaluations are produced within one week of receiving genotypes at CDCB. The CDCB Evaluation Schedule indicates dates for data submission and release of official evaluations.

For information on the different types of evaluations that CDCB provides (weekly, monthly and tri-annual) please visit CDCB Evaluation Types

NAAB Bull Status Codes

To receive updated genetic evaluations, it is important to ensure the A.I. bull has the correct status code in the NAAB Dairy Cross Reference database. The bull’s status also impacts the fees and inclusion of the bull on any industry ranking lists. Bulls with status code of A,F and G are active for industry ranking lists. For foreign bulls to receive U.S. evaluations beyond 15 months, the bull must have an A, F, G or P status.

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